Cosmic Latte / ENG


COSMIC LATTE asks the question of what a Utopian future would be like after the breakdown of structures and new kinds of contrasts. The logic of our thoughts has changed, as black and white are no longer opposites. The interfaces have blurred, and meanings mix like liquids.

COSMIC LATTE is the third part of Sonya Lindfors’s series of works on blackness, and it premiered in May 2018 at Zodiak. Choreographer Lindfors received the 2018 international Anti festival award, which is granted to someone distinguished within the field of performing arts.

Age recommendation: +12 years
Length: 75 min
The performance is bilingual (fin/eng)

Photo: Ernest Protasiewicz

Direction and concept: Sonya Lindfors
Team: Deogracias Masomi, Ima Iduozee, Pauliina Sjöberg, Geoffrey Erista, Sonya Lindfors, Erno Aaltonen, Jussi Matikainen, Sanna Levo & Esete Sutinen
On stage: Deogracias Masomi, Ima Iduozee, Pauliina Sjöberg, Geoffrey Erista & Sonya Lindfors
Assitents of the choreographer: Pauliina Sjöberg & Esete Sutinen
Space and lighting assistent: Sofia Palillo
Production: Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus, Sonya Lindfors, UrbanApa
Residencies: BoraBora, Århus; Schwankhalle, Bremen
Supporters: Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto, Taiteen Edistämiskeskus, Samuel Huberin Säätiö, Suomen Saksan-instituutti
Partners: RTV, Timberland, Valkoinen Sali, Tanssikoulu DCA


20.3.  1pm & 7pm* / Kanneltalo
21.3.  1pm / Kanneltalo

* Tickets are being sold to the performance