Fragile / ENG


A Finnish-language performance for those over the age of 12 deals with the consequences of alcohol abuse and the dynamics of a dysfunctional family.

There probably aren’t many children in Finland who have never been scared of or emotionally hurt by an adult who has been drinking. Fragile tells the story of one child who has been hurt by drinking.

Age recommendation: +12 years
Length: 35 min + discussion
The performance is in Finnish

Photo: Ia Samoil

Director: Heikki Törmi
Actors: Marjut Maristo & Konsta Mäkelä
Producers: Samuli Edelmann, Yrjö Nieminen & Heikki Törmi
Layout: Sami Parkkinen, Miia Tervo, Heikki Törmi ja työryhmä
Manuscript: Heikki Törmi & Sami Parkkinen
Sound engineering: Kalle Chydenius
Costume: Jaana Kurttila



18.3. 1pm* & 6pm* / Kannusali
19.3. 6pm* / Stoa
20.3. 1pm* & 7pm* / Vernissa
21.3. 2pm & 6pm* / Annantalo

* Tickets are being sold to the performance