Keijusirkus / ENG


Since last summer, composer/musician Antti Tolvi and puppet theatre artist Pauliina Vesslin have been looking for fairies using different devices. They have found an entrance to the realm of the fays and are now ready to present their research results and the devices they have invented. They have achieved their best results in a research tent of their own invention, where other fairy enthusiasts can assist them in their studies.

After the performance, the audience can find out more about the light and sound devices used in the show.

Age recommendation: 38 years
Length: 25 min
The performance is trilingual (fin/swe/eng)

Photo: Andrea Vannucchi

Concept and performance: Antti Tolvi & Pauliina Vesslin



21.3. 10am & 12am / Vernissa
23.3. 11am (SWE)* & 2pm (ENG)* / Vuotalo
24.3. 1.30am* & 4pm* / Stoa

* Tickets are being sold to the performance