Feeri / ENG


Two children encounter.
“Where am I?”
“Haven’t you been here before? I come here everytime I fall asleep.”
“Is this a dream?”
“This is Feeri. This is a place.”

In Feeri, children together are learning what does friendship mean, how do friends talk to and touch each other and how they can argue in a way which does not destroy the friendship. In Feeri children learn to look the world through the eyes of others and feel how it is to be somebody else.

Age recommendation: 4–8 years
Length: 35 min
The performance is bilingual (fin/swe)

Photo: Kari Sunnari

Director: Otso Kautto
Manuscript: Otso Kautto, Minerva Kautto, Maija Rissanen & Kolina van den Berg
Actors: Kolina van den Berg, Minerva Kautto & Maija Rissanen

Costume: Marjaana Mutanen


18.3. 9.30am* / Karatalo
20.3. 10am & 6pm* / Annantalo
21.3. 9am (SWE)* & 10.45am (SWE)* / Vindängen
23.3. 11am* / Kannusali

* Tickets are being sold to the performance