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“There is a machine that makes dreams. It is called Dream Machine.

We, the dream drivers, operate the Dream Machine. This is a story about adventure one night, when Dream Machine broke down and things took an unusual turn.

In our trip to dream worlds we encountered odd, friendly and even haggard creatures. Fortunately we were brave and resourceful enough to find our way back to state of being awake.”

The performance is based on dreams of children.

Age recommendation: 59 years
Length: 55 min
The performance is in Finnish

Kuva: Mikael Ahlfors

Director: Valto Kuuluvainen
Concept and manuscript: Valto Kuuluvainen, K Rasila & työryhmä

Visual design, puppets: K Rasila
Sound design: Maura Korhonen
Actors: Elisa Salo & Eero Ojala
Voice acting: Miska Huttula



19.3.  10am & 6pm / Annantalo
20.3. 10am & 6pm* / Aurora
21.3. 9.30am / Toteemi

* Tickets are being sold to the performance